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Hole 1 Overview:

The first hole at Kirkby Valley is a straight forward par 4 (drive-able for some of the bigger hitters) with out of bounds all the way up the left hand side of the fairway. With a large bunker at the back of the green, short is best upon approach!

Hole 2 Overview:

The second hole at Kirkby Valley Golf Club is the first of three par 5s on the course at a respectable yardage of 556 off the white tees. If you’ve hit the fairway with a good shot off the tee, you’ve got a chance of reaching the green in two. If you’re laying up, make sure not to go long upon approach as there’s a hidden pond beyond the green which has seen more than its fair share of golf balls!

Hole 3 Overview:

Despite being only 337 yards off the white tees, it’s a tricky hole for all it’s important to hit the fairway from the tee as it’s out of bounds down the right hand side of the fairway. When looking to get on in two, it’s important to not miss short or right as water hazards protect the green.

Hole 4 Overview:

The 4th Hole is the hardest hole on the course at stroke index one. Even with the hard dogleg to the right, going too far right off the tees will end up with you in trouble with out of bounds down the right hand side of the fairway. The green is protected by two pot bunkers making the approach shot to the small green extremely difficult.

Hole 5 Overview:

The 5th hole is the longest par 4 on the course, at 469 yards off the white tees and is subsequently stroke index 2. Off the tee, favouring the left hand side of the fairway is safest and will leave you with a better line into the green. The green itself is two tiered, so depending on the pin position judging the correct yardage upon approach is key.

Hole 6 Overview:

The 6th hole is the first of 3 par 3’s on the course and is 177 yards off the white tees. It is out of bounds down the right with the River Alt running alongside the hole. With three bunkers protecting the small green, accuracy is key.

Hole 7 Overview:

The 7th hole is the shortest par 4 on the course at 299 yards off the white tees. It is in theory a drivable par 4 however the fairway is tight with bunkers and trees lining either side. There are also three bunkers protecting the front of the green.

Hole 8 Overview:

The 8th hole is a 341 yard par 4 off the whites. Off the tee beware of the 4 bunkers lining the fairway and favour the right hand side as it’s thick rough if the fairway is missed left. Don’t thin your approach as the River Alt runs behind the green.

Hole 9 Overview:

The 9th hole is a 501 yard par 5 off the white tees, offering a difficult end to the front 9. With trees lining both sides of the hole, it’s important to hit the fairway to have a chance of reaching the green in two. The 9th has the biggest green on the course so be accurate to not leave yourself with a monster putt.

Hole 10 Overview:

The drivable 10th hole starts the back 9. Be aware of the two fairway bunkers guarding the tee shot’s landing zone as well as out of bounds up the left hand side of the fairway, making the tee shot a tough one. The raised green is protected on all sides by 4 bunkers, making this a tougher hole than the scorecard suggests.

Hole 10 Overview:

With the green not visible from the tee on the 11th hole, fortune favours the brave as you can take it over the trees on the left hand side of the fairway to leave you a nice approach shot into the green. With a pond guarding the right hand side of the green, left is the safe miss.

Hole 12 Overview:

The 12th hole is a 481 yard par 5 and with a dogleg right and trees lining the fairway it makes for one of the more difficult holes on the course. Upon approach make sure to hit the green as there is bunker to the right and trees surrounding the back.

Hole 13 Overview:

The 13th is a 445 yard par 4 and one of the easier holes on the course. With some trees lining the fairway but still being fairly open and with little protection around the green, try your best to walk away with a par or better.

Hole 14 Overview:

Hole 14 is also a 445 yard par 4 but offers a very different challenge to the previous hole with out of bounds and the River Alt running down the right hand side of the fairway. Be sure to hit the green as it is well protected and walking off with a par will feel like a birdie.

Hole 15 Overview:

The 15th hole is a 188 yard par 3 with a well surrounded green. Tip: The prevailing wind is against you making the hole play longer than the yardage suggests so take one more club off the tee to make sure you carry the bunkers.

Hole 16 Overview:

The 16th hole is a straightforward 376 yard par 4. With trees and bunkers lining the fairway make sure to hit it straight. With a singular bunker protecting the front right hand side of the green, left is safe.

Hole 17 Overview:

The 17th is the longest and most difficult par 3 on the course at 204 yards off the whites. Accuracy is key as the approach to the pin is tight.

Hole 18 Overview:

The last hole at Kirkby Valley is a 403 yard par 4 off the white tees. With bunkers left and right guarding the landing zone off the tee make sure to fit the fairway to reach the green in two. With the clubhouse in sight, be careful upon approach, a pint awaits.

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