Kirkby Valley Golf Club

Kirkby Valley Open

Sunday 22nd July 2018, White Tees, Kirkby Valley

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ResultsGross [click for Nett]CSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st Liam James(1)  Huyton & Prescot Golf Club71
2nd George Duckworth(3) 72
3rd Darren Scott(3) 72
4th Stewart Brown(2) 72
5th Marvin Clarke(-1) 74
6th LIAM STONES(5) 74
7th PAUL DANN(4) 74
8th P Smith(10)  Bootle Golf Club75
9th CARL O'PREY(3) 75
10th Lee Scott(3) 76
11th Andrew Weston(10) 76
12th David Warrener(5) 76
13th Paul Fairhurst(3)  Sherdley Park Golf Club76
14th James Dawber(8) 78
15th Jason Maguire(5)  Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club78
16th Peter Smith(10) 78
17th J Anderson(7)  Bootle Golf Club78
18th W Salmon(4)  Bootle Golf Club78
19th S Bailey(8)  Bootle Golf Club78
20th Philip Chesworth(5) 79
21st Gerry Morgan(5) 79
22nd Robert Shearer(10) 80
23rd Dale Woods(2)  Houghwood Golf Club80
24th William Mould(8) 80
25th Daniel rea(4) 81
26th Michael Owens(7) 81
27th Graham Bailey(9)  Sherdley Park Golf Club81
28th M Bayliss(6)  Bootle Golf Club81
29th John Cartledge(8)  Chorley Golf Club81
30th J Bennett(7)  Bootle Golf Club82
31st Paul Jackson(5) 82
32nd peter goodhall(12)  West Derby Golf Club82
33rd David Knox(12)  Haydock Park Golf Club82
34th Garry Scott Jnr(6) 83
35th David Smith(10) 83
36th P A Bennett(7)  Bootle Golf Club83
37th Peter Mansley(8) 83
38th C Black(15)  Bootle Golf Club83
39th N Riley(11)  Bootle Golf Club83
40th Leslie Parrington(10)  Arrowe Park Golf Club83
41st James Mcguire Snr(7) 83
42nd Steven Cadwallader(10) 83
43rd Ryan Taylor(4)  Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club83
44th Craig Burkert(15) 84
45th A Daulby(10)  Bootle Golf Club84
46th T Beresford(15)  Bootle Golf Club85
47th Nick Ryan(13) 85
48th Carl Richardson(8) 85
49th Roy Griffiths(12) 85
50th M Niblock(10)  Bootle Golf Club85
51st Michael Richardson(10) 85
52nd Bradley Hickman(11) 86
53rd John Shawcross(14)  Mersey Valley Golf Club86
54th A Wareing(9)  Bootle Golf Club86
55th Brian Mitchinson(12) 86
56th Peter Owens(14) 86
57th Ian Robert Hughes(15) 86
58th R Williams(15)  Bootle Golf Club86
59th P Sheridan(9)  Bootle Golf Club86
60th John Gornell(15) 86
61st John Barlow(15) 86
62nd I French(13)  Bootle Golf Club86
63rd Peter Twigg(11) 86
64th Phillip Richards(13) 86
65th Allen Heron(12) 86
66th Ian Carr(8) 87
67th J Culshaw(12)  Bootle Golf Club87
68th D J Ryan(12)  Sherdley Park Golf Club87
69th Keith Doyle(12) 87
70th Jack Clark(10) 87
71st Val Crowley(11) 87
72nd Gareth Prytherch(13)  Berrington Hall Golf and Country Club87
73rd Jimmy Crabb(12) 87
74th Scott Burkert(8) 88
75th Jason Dolman(9)  Allerton Manor Golf Club88
76th T Kelly(10)  Bootle Golf Club89
77th P M Jones(16)  Hillside Golf Club89
78th Peter Knox(13)  Sherdley Park Golf Club89
79th John Schultz(13) 89
80th Stephen Rowland(12) 89
81st Graeme Connor(12) 89
82nd Scott Palethorpe(16) 90
83rd G Porter(16)  Bootle Golf Club90
84th John A Winter(14)  Sherdley Park Golf Club90
85th Thomas Poole(19) 90
86th Andrew Warham(14) 90
87th George Ross(18)  Ayr Neptune Golf Club90
88th Ramon Banks(12) 90
89th Dave Mulrooney(8)  Arrowe Park Golf Club91
90th Lee Goodall(7)  Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club91
91st Steven Beahan(10) 91
92nd Thomas Lewis(18) 91
93rd Carl J Williams(12)  Bootle Golf Club91
94th Anthony Owens(14) 91
95th Gary Hughes(17)  Bootle Golf Club91
96th Brian Mcnulty(11) 92
97th RICHARD DANN(15) 92
98th Stephen Johnson(12) 92
99th BOB MARLEY(19) 93
100th Peter Stewart(20) 93
101st Harold Shillcock(19) 93
102nd MARK TASKER(12) 94
103rd James Cairns(12) 94
104th Anthony Dunne(12) 94
105th Mick Hanlon(19) 94
106th Philip Arrowsmith(21)  St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club94
107th Robert Williams(12) 94
108th Paul Goodall(21) 94
109th Bryan Mcinally(20) 94
110th Chris Smith(16)  Formby Hall Golf Club94
111th Mickey Thomas(18) 95
112th Alan Gamble(21)  Mersey Valley Golf Club95
113th C Baker(15)  Bootle Golf Club96
114th ROBERT PITTARAS(19) 96
115th K Lovett(19)  Bootle Golf Club96
116th D Smith(14)  Bootle Golf Club96
117th JIM MUTCH(19) 96
118th JOHN PIERCE(19) 98
119th P Wright(15)  West Derby Golf Club98
120th Richie Cave(20) 98
121st Andrew Barrie(17) 98
122nd CHRIS KINSELLA(19) 99
123rd Rob Stirzaker(21) 100
124th t rymill(18)  Bootle Golf Club101
125th Michael O'Donohue(17) 101
126th Thomas Porter(19) 101
127th Bob J Molyneux(24)  Sherdley Park Golf Club101
128th Robert Eastwood(17)  Marsden Park Golf Club102
129th Tony Cliffe(23)  Eccleston Park Golf Club105
130th Leslie Miller(19) 105
131st Robert Johnson(22) 105
132nd Bob Prytherch(20)  Blundells Hill Golf Club107
133rd Simon Mattravers(23) 111
134th Joseph Murray(3)  Huyton & Prescot Golf ClubNR
135th Colin Swift(12)  Sherdley Park Golf ClubNR
136th Garry Scott Snr(9) NR
137th Billy Hickman(9) NR
139th James Walkinshaw(24) NR
140th KARL DOYLE(8) NR
141st David Davies(12) NR
142nd John Baines(19)  Formby Hall Golf ClubDQ
143rd Anthony Ford(27) DQ
145th P Burke(20)  Bootle Golf ClubDQ
146th Christy Connell(28) DQ
147th Bernie Harrison(19) DQ
148th Anthony Newcombe(14) DQ
149th George Roberts(21) DQ
150th Karl Waller(12) DQ
151st K Williams(20)  Bootle Golf ClubDQ

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